Dining in Chicago

Joe's Seafood
If you want a great seafood meal, this is the place to try. If you don't want all seafood, you can get a delicious steak while you are there. The stone crab is great with a squeeze of lemon, and the oysters on the half shell should be tried with a splash of hot sauce. There are options if you want all you can eat or a healthy meal.

Hot Doug's
Are you looking for a hot dog that is larger than the bun you get it on? You will find that at Hot Doug's, you can get a hot dog that could be split between two different people. There are smaller hot dogs that you can get, but most people get the hot dog with all of the toppings. The Chicago dog is the most popular, but you can also get one of several other types. The owner works while the location is open, and you might be able to talk to him while you are waiting on your order.

Chicago Diner
You can get quality food at an affordable price at this restaurant. It is a small friendly environment that serves coffee as well as other dishes. Many people gather here before or after work to talk about the day's events. They have vegetarian options on the menu. Try the Reuben while you are there, and then finish your meal with a large piece of chocolate cake.

Gibson's Bar and Steakhouse
You can spend a small amount of money on your meal, or you can go all out and spend about $100 on a meal here. They are famous for the size of their steaks, but the bigger steak you get, the more money you will pay. The sides include baked potatoes that are fluffy and filling and vegetables that are fresh. You can also get a decadent dessert from the menu.

Most people like to eat a nice breakfast in town once in a while, and this is one of the places that are great for the family. You can get a healthy breakfast and, know that you will leave satisfied. The Nutella Crepes are popular children because of the filling, and the waffles are a wonderful treat for adults who like something different.